Established in January 2018, The 139 Collective is committed to the teaching and understanding of the empowerment we have inherited through our relationship as sons and daughters to the Father.

Our vision is to equip and encourage personal discipleship and assist individuals in making a positive impact in the lives of others and in our community.

Our mission includes the transformation of hearts and minds away from a consumeristic model of “church” to a missional and discipleship-based mindset. We want to help generate greater social awareness of needs in our community and in the world around us. We encourage and coach people on their personal journeys towards physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. We actively work creatively knowing that creativity is our birthright through the blood of Jesus shed on our behalf. We want to help fuel creative minds to be active in the local church and community. We want to effect radical, transformational change in our community.

We believe in creating a safe space for believers and non-believers alike to question and wrestle with the sometimes difficult truths of Scripture. We want to help instill the wonder of God in people’s lives because we know that wonder is the beginning of wisdom. We believe that all followers of Christ have a part in fulfilling the Great Commission, and we want to help empower, equip, and send you out to work your particular field.

For more information, contact us:
(864) 712-5874